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Please read carefully the following information before using the Website. The use of this digital publication and its contents is subject to these conditions of use. If you do not accept the following terms and conditions, please refrain from using our Website.

These general conditions are governed by current Spanish legislation and European Community rules. (Website) is an Internet domain belonging to the Municipal Company Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A., owned by the Madrid City Council, which manages the Medialab-Prado municipal centre, a partner of the Studiolab Project responsible for the web platform and page of the Studiolab Project.


NAME: Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A., Tax Identification Number (CIF): A-84073105
ADDRESS: c/ Montalban, nº 1 – 7th floor, Madrid 28014.
REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Commercial Registry of Madrid, volume 20373, book 0, page 212, section 8, sheet M-360295, 1st entry.


These are the general conditions regulating the access, browsing and use of the website “” (hereinafter the “Website”), as well as the responsibilities arising from the use of its contents (understood hereinafter as “Contents” the texts, graphics, drawings, designs, codes, software, images, expressions and information, and any other creation protected by national legislation and international treaties relating to intellectual and industrial property.

It is understood that the access or simply the use of the Website by the User implies the adherence by the said User to the general conditions published at any one time by Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. In this sense, it is understood as “User” any individual who enters, browses and uses the information developed by Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A.


Access to the Website by Users is open and free of charge.

Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. will supply information on its Confidentiality Policy when it becomes necessary for the User to register or provide personal information to access a specific service, the gathering, handling and, if appropriate, cession or access to the personal data belonging to Users.

The Contents included in the Website will be available to final Users only. Any other non-authorised commercial use of the said Contents, or their resale, are strictly forbidden, except when there is a previous written authorisation from Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A.
Access, navigation and use of the Website is the responsibility of the User, therefore the User undertakes to carefully and faithfully follow any additional instruction issued by Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. in relation to the Website and its Contents. Therefore, the User undertakes to use the Contents carefully, correctly and legally, and especially, to refrain from:

- using the Contents for purposes or effects which are illegal, immoral or contrary to generally accepted good behaviour or public order;

- reproducing or copying, distributing, allowing general access through any means of public communication, altering or amending the Contents, unless there is a written authorisation issued by the owner of the corresponding copyrights or when it is allowed by law;

- using the Contents, in particular any information obtained by means of the webpage or the publicity services, exchanges for direct selling or any other commercial purposes, non-solicited messages addressed to a number of individuals independently of their intention, as well as abstaining from the commercialisation or publication of that information in any way.


The intellectual, industrial and representation copyrights of the Contents made available on the Website must be adhered to.

It may not be assumed that the ability of the User to enter and browse the Website implies in any case the authorisation, transmission, licence or total or partial cession of the said copyrights.
Similarly, it is forbidden to modify, copy, reuse, exploit, file, transmit, use, handle or distribute in any way, either totally or partially, the Contents included in the Website if there is no express written authorisation issued either by Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. or by the owner of the copyright, as appropriate.


The Studiolab Project guarantees that all personal data shall be used for the purpose, in the manner and within the limitations and rights provided by the Organic Law 15/1999 on Personal Data Protection. Likewise, the provisions established by the 34/2002 Act (LSSI) will also be observed.


Users’ personal data required by the User register is subject to automatic handling and included in a personal data archive, which is the responsibility of Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A., duly registered with the Data Protection Agency under the name “COMUNIDAD PROJECTO STUDIOLAB” (STUDIOLAB PROJECT COMMUNITY).

The said data must be real, accurate, complete and up-to-date, and the User is solely responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may be caused to Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. or to a third party due to false, inaccurate, insufficient or outdated information.

Users and visitors to the site will be notified of the obligation, or otherwise, to provide each and every item of personal information requested on the access forms and on the registry of services and/or contents offered on the Website. The notification will be made at the time of gathering the data either by visual means, such as pop-up windows, asterisks or symbols placed next to the data item requested, or by means similar to those already mentioned. Refusal to supply the requested information, or to provide inaccurate or incomplete data may result in inadequate, inefficient or defective services and/or contents to Users and visitors.

The aim of gathering and handling the requested personal information by is to access the Community tools on the web platform and the internal communication and coordination between projects and ideas initiated by participants, the communication with those registered and their participation in debates and fora on the Studiolab web platform created in Studiolab Project”of the 7th framework programme of the European Commission.
Owners of the data may, at any time, request from Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. the implementation of the right to access, rectify, cancel and oppose their details under the terms of data protection legislation. To that effect, Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. has put a simple and free procedure at the disposal of the User: Users may send their request concerning personal data protection by e-mail to, quoting the reference “Personal Data”, or by post addressed to the File Administrator at the following address: c/ Montalban, nº 1 – 7th floor, Madrid 28014, using the same reference.


Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. would advise its Users that, in order to achieve the best performance from, it is necessary to use “Cookies” that speed up the service by identifying each User as quickly as possible. This tool, installed on the User’s computer hard disc, is used to store and subsequently retrieve certain information relating to the use made of but does not gather any personal data that enables the identification of the User. uses cookies during each session to store information in the way of identification and also records the system’s IP address from which the Website is accessed. This type of cookie is kept during a limited period of time.

A copy of the “session cookie” remains on the system where the Website is stored in order to aid the technical performance, the maintenance and the resolution of problems on the page.

Our cookies can always be rejected if your browser allows it. You can also ask your browser to show if a cookie is being sent. You can also eliminate cookie files from your system. Please bear in mind that, if you do reject our cookies or request that you are notified every time a cookie is sent, the user-friendliness of this webpage may be affected.


Personal data provided to Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. may not be ceded to third parties without prior authorisation from the owner of that data, except in those cases determined by the law and provided the relevant legal requirements are met.

In any case, the User’s consent for handling and ceding personal data may be revoked at any time, simply by sending a written request to this effect to the File Administrator at Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A.

On the other hand, public data may be provided to third parties on an additional basis, for instance, type of Users who enter our website, demographic breakdown of our User base or activities that site visitors carry out when browsing our page. Third parties to whom this information is supplied may include members and marketing service providers, commercial partners, sponsors, licensees, researchers and others.


Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A., under the 34/2002 Act, dated 11 July, on Services of the Association for Electronic Information and Trading, may not in any case send Users any publicity or communication with trading or any other commercial purposes without a request or consent having been given in advance. Similarly, Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. may not send unsolicited messages or chains of messages for which prior consent has not been given.


Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. would advise its Users that they may refuse the transmission of commercial messages by following the instructions provided for each case or by written notification to the contact e-mail address:


Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. does not accept any responsibility that may arise from the contents incorporated by third parties into the hyperlinks referred to on this page. The set up of a hyperlink does not in any case imply that there is a relationship between Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. and the owner of the website who sets it up, nor does it mean that Madrid Arte y Cultura in any way accept or approve its contents or the services offered by it. Any alteration, changes, modification or adaptation of the Website or any of the information contained therein is strictly forbidden.

Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. does not accept any responsibility for damages to the User’s software or hardware caused by the access to its Webpage, the use of the information or applications contained therein. Likewise, Madrid Arte y Cultura is not responsible for, nor does it guarantee, the availability and continuity of access to, or the absence of errors in, its Webpage. In any case, Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. does not guarantee or is responsible for: (i) the continuity of contents in the Webpage; (ii) the absence of errors in the said contents or the correction of any fault that may occur; (iii) the absence of viruses and/or other damaging elements in the Website or in the server that supply it; (iv) the invulnerability of the Website or the security measures adopted in it; (v) the lack or functionality or performance of the contents of the Website; (vi) any damages it may cause, to itself or a third party, to any individual who is in breach of the conditions, regulations and instructions indicated by Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A., either on the Website or through the violation of its security systems.

However, Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. hereby states that it has adopted all necessary measures possible with the currently available technology to guarantee the correct performance of the Website and avoid the appearance and transmission to the Users of viruses and other damaging elements.
The User is responsible for any damages which Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. may incur as a result of non-compliance with any of the obligations undertaken with the acceptance of these conditions. The User is aware and willingly accepts that the use of any of the contents in the Website is, in all cases, his sole and exclusive responsibility.


Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. may totally or partially modify the terms and conditions established herein, any changes will be published in the same manner as these general conditions or through any type of communication addressed to the Users, based particularly on the legal requirements, and regulations or with the aim to adapt the said new policy to the instructions given by the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Users are therefore advised to enter the page regularly.

The temporary validity of these general conditions coincide, therefore, with the length of their exposure, until they are totally or partially modified, at which time the modified general conditions become valid.

Independently from the stipulations specified in the particular conditions, Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. may terminate, suspend or interrupt the access to the page without the need for prior notification or the User having the right to demand any compensation. Once the Webpage has been closed, the prohibitions relating to the use of the contents as detailed in the above general conditions will remain in force.


The relationship between Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. and the User will be governed by the provisions dictated by all applicable current legislation and the competent jurisdiction. However, in cases where the legislation provides for the possibility of the parties submitting to a special jurisdiction, both Madrid Arte y Cultura S.A. and the User explicitly waiver any other to which they may have recourse and submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Madrid.