StudioLab develops a range of initiatives and actions to catalyse the collaboration of artists, designers, scientists, researchers and all the multiple competencies and expertises that increasingly escape the traditional categories and are found in what is commonly defined as “the public”.

Fruit Computer Laboratoty, a collaborative project by Alejandro Tamayo (Colombia) in Medialab-Prado

Such collaborations are organized in three main dimensions of work, or strands:

Incubation processes which develop and strengthen ideas, bringing them from concepts to outcomes;

Education modules which tackle the lack of opportunities for interdisciplinar learning and a sciencie & art approach within formal education systems;

Public engagement activities that catalyze open collaboration and transparency of the scientific process and development.

These activities, inspired by successful programs such as bringing artists and scientists together at SEED dating (Science Gallery), the student Summer Idea Translation workshop (Le Laboratoire) and Interactivos? workshops for a general technically inclined group of participants (Medialab-Prado) link in different ways key actors from different fields and allow the exchange of knowledge, skills and creativity, resulting in innovative approaches, deeper understanding of the interrelations between science and creative processes, and broader appreciation of the development leading to scientific breakthroughs.

All the activities of StudioLab are by definition participatory: both the methods that govern the three strands of work and the outcomes of each project rely on the active interaction among the users. While the incubation and education strands engage all the parties involved (artists, scientists, educators, students etc) as cocreators of the project, when it comes to the large "general public" it is well known that a similar level of interaction with each and every member of the public would not be possible.