Public Engagement

The broadest public will be reached with public engagement activities. The underlying philosophy of StudioLab is to enable a cultural dialog between the public and the partners involved in the incubation and education modules.

StudioLab will open up and expose the creative process of scientific discovery and development with regular events in multiple locations where the installations and artworks resulting from the incubation process become catalysts for constructive dialogues between the public and the creators These events let emerge and strengthen the competencies, skills and capacities of the public and allow them to explore and investigate the values, the risks and the innovation potential of the process. Furthermore these projects offer the public opportunities to meet and directly engage with creators both artists and scientists and gain an experience of the similarities that exist between these disciplines.


The key values of the public engagement modules are:
• Project outcomes are original
• Results are surprising and new to public
• Work/projects enable public dialogue and exploration of keythemes
• Projects offer genuine opportunites for participation and social connections between the public and the artists, designers and scientists that developed the projects
• Public show an interest as visitors, participants or consumers of the project outcome
• Projects have a cultural, humanitarian or commercial impact
• Projects will show artistic and scientific work of highest calibre and scientific integrity as vetted by the Studiolab advisory board