Studiolab aims to become an open collaborative platform for prototyping and experimentation as both modes of knowledge-production and cultural and sociological styles of exchange and interaction, where the emphasis is on the productive and processual aspects of experimentation with art, technology and science.

'Hormiga Interactibus' project (Interactivos?'09: Garage Science prototyping workshop at Medialab-Prado)

This space is dedicated to showcase ongoing prototyping processes within the Studiolab activities that are being implemented both in the physical space and in the virtual collaboration site at Studiolab Community.

What do we mean by prototyping?

Studiolab offers new spaces to practice different approaches to bridging art and science, through collaborations between individual artists and scientists to create joint works, through education programmes linking art and science, through collective creative projects and through the incubation of collaborations between artists, designers and scientists to create new actual products - educational, social, cultural, or commercial. This process is always visible and transparent to the public who interact with it at different points.

As Gabriel Menotti says in his essay Gambiarra: The Prototyping Perspective, 'The prototype is an object critical of its own function. It is not finished; it may not work. What characterizes a prototype is, first and foremost, the self-reflexivity of its operation: to use it is to put it to test and to engage in its evaluation. The most important effect of a prototype is, thus, the seemingly collateral reasoning about its failure, which is feedback into the process of prototyping. Each prototype is just a dismissible iteration in this chain, a step to be overcome in order to produce the parameters of design of an even more ulterior product. The sincere objective of every prototype is nothing else than to self-differ, in the same way that the prototyping process aims to produce the fundamental différance of a standard, driving the fabrication of a million commoditized artifacts.'