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Leonardo/OLATS - Paris

Leonardo/Olats (Leonardo Observatory for Arts, Sciences and Technologies) is a French Paris-based cultural non profit organisation, working in the field of art, science and technology. The activities are structured around themed projects, such as: Space and the Arts, Art and Climate Change, Art in Extreme Environments.

It is the French/European sister organisation of the American-based Leonardo/Isast which publishes at MIT Press the journal Leonardo since 1968, focusing on the relations between art, science and technology and LEA (Leonardo Electronic Almanac), a monthly online publication that has just been relaunched under the direction of Lanfranco Aceti (Istambul) and Paul Brown.

Leonardo/Olats' activities cover:
• Online publications such as: Les Basiques, a collection of introductory books and teaching supports to new media art; Pioneers & Pathbreakers (Pionniers & Précurseurs), documents and essays about artists that have been pioneers in the techno-science related art since the 20th century.
• Organisation or co-organisation of workshops, seminars and symposia. We have a long time experience of such events. To mention a few: Mutamorphosis conference, Prague, 2007; symposium ARTMEDIA VIII, From Aesthetics of Communication to Net Art, 2002; symposium Visibility - Legibility of Space Art. Art and Zero Gravity: the Experience of Parabolic Flights, 2003. List and proceedings available at: www.olats.org/projetpart/projetpart.php
• Support to artists-in-residence projects and artistic creation such as:
e-MobiLArt (European Mobile Lab for Interactive Artists), 2008-2009 initiated and coordinated by Athens University, Greece; Lovely Weather, artistes in residence, Donegal, Irlande, 2009 - 2010 in collaboration with the Letterkenny Regional Cultural Centre.
• Consultancy. Among other projects, Leonardo/Olats has been consultant for UNESCO DigiArts project and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Leonardo/Olats is the co-founder of the YASMIN network dedicated to Art, Science and Technology in the Mediterranean Area and is a member of the Technical Committee ITACCUS of the International Astronautical Federation.