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The Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem is an agent of change that offers its visitors access to science and technology, challenging them to think differently about the world. The museum is a dynamic, innovative learning resource for life long exploration, featuring diverse ways to interact with up-to date innovations and research.

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Inspired by the merging of the artist’s studio with the research lab to create a hybrid creative space, the museum often exhibits artworks and produces performances as a part of its exhibitions and events targeted to diverse age groups and communities.

Thus, the museum has developed since its opening in 1992, long lasting and fruitful ties with art & music academies, with artists and top Israeli designers.

The museum's expertise is in development of thematic, interactive, stimulating, dynamic and relevant to everyday life exhibitions and educational activities. In the last years the museum focuses on introduction of brain activity and up-to-date of the brain research to the general public and to students from the educational system. The museum has developed and exhibited three exhibitions: Neuroscapes, An exhibition of “la Caixa”, a science museum at Barcelona on Neuron Landscapes, A beautiful inspiring experience between science and art that reveals a stunning, multi-coloured neuron world. Two other exhibitions were supported academically by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Neural Computation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Illusions Mind Boggling, a very popular exhibition with interactive exhibits in which visitors experience the fact that our eyes are not just cameras, and "seeing" is an eye-brain activity; BrainWorks, is an exhibition on up-to-date research in the Israeli Academia on face perception, designated areas of the brain, learning, treatment of diseases and simulating brain activity.   
Special hybrid events of science and arts in the topic of brain research already took place at the museum:
Chopin in the Brain Laboratory – A piano concert played by a professional pianist who is also a brain researcher, explaining the marvelous motoric and cognitive work of the brain, while playing a piano. Dr. Eitan Globerson.
SciCineme – As part of an on-going series the Museum is running with the Jerusalem Cinematheque, several films were screened, followed by a talk with a brain researcher, discussing the scientific element in the feature film and its’ relevance to on-going research. Among the films: A Beautiful Mind;  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind; Inception; I, Robot; Le Scaphandre et le Papillon.
White Nights – Installation relating to the brainwork with the French digital video artist Judith Darmont. Free open nights targeted at the college and university students at Jerusalem.
Hybrid Dialogue – between Professor of physics Hanoch Gutfreund and Israeli artist Ofer Lellouche, on brainwork in arts and in science.
The StudioLab project at the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem focuses on the topic of Synthetic Biology. Thus we offer to pair brain expert from the Centre for Neural Computation of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with an artist and to indulge in the process of developing interdisciplinary project in the theme of Synthetic Biology, enabling artists the use of our equipped workshop and to work with the museum's skilled staff that develop and build all interactive exhibits at the museum. Another facet of our involvement in the StudioLab project will be paring between brain scientist, the exhibit developer of the museum and one or more departments of art/design in BEZALEL Academy of Arts & Design, in order to develop a hybrid course to the art/design students, which will offer young adults opportunities for creative experiments in art and science.
Finally the museum will open two new exhibitions: One will be of the outcome and products of the European hybrids including that of the Israeli pair, and the other will be the students' exhibition that will take place at the museum, along with an evening event of speed dating of brain scientists and artists. Other activities will take place outside the museum collaborating with a coffee shop downtown Jerusalem with a Café Scientific encounter collaborating brain researchers and prose, and with The Jerusalem Cinematheque with a feature film and a scientist talk on Synthetic Biology.