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RIXC is the Center for New Media Culture founded in Riga, in 2000 (on a bases of E-LAB initiative, since 1996). The RIXC runs media laboratory (with Internet Radio), public events space (RIXC Media Space), new exhibition venue (RIXC Gallery at Spikeri) and Mediatheca (with audio/video archive and media art literature).

RIXC is organiser of the annual new media culture festival "Art+Communication" (taking place in Riga since 1996) and publisher of "Acoustic Space" publication series – on internet radio, sound art, spectral ecology and network culture (since 1998).

E-LAB/RIXC has initiated pioneering projects in the field of streaming media – in 1998 the global internet radio project XCHANGE – net audio network recieved Award of Destinction in PRIX Ars Electronica 98. Other relevant RIXC's projects include: Acoustic space lab, Solar Radio Station (symposium, DVD, and live performance from Irbene Radiotelescope RT-32, 2001-2008); Milk (GPS/locative media project by Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina, and RIXC, recieved Golden Nica in PRIX Ars Electronica 2005); Waves – electromagnetic waves as material and medium for arts (large-scale exhibition in Riga 2006, and Dortmund 2008, curated by RIXC together with Armin Medosch/AT), Spectral Ecology (research and exhibition, collaboration between RIXC and Spectal Investigations Collective/FR), and others.

RIXC has also long-term experience in networking – RIXC is key founder of Xchange Network for creative internet radio broadcasters (since 1997), NICE – Baltic-Nordic Network Interfaces for Cultural Exchange (since 2000), Locative Media Network (since 2003) and now more recent RIXC initative is – setting up of new Baltic-Nordic-European network for Art and Renewable Energy Technologies (since 2009), with the main host of it – RIX-C Studio for Art and Sustainability Technologies.

In 2006 RIXC started collaboration with Art Research Lab of Liepaja University, launching New Media Art academic education programme (in Liepaja) and developing new collaborative research projects.