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Ars Electronica - Linz

Ars Electronica assembles and configures the commentary, concepts and visions of our modern, information-based society, whereby currently prevailing facts & circumstances are always taken as points of departure for speculation about where we’re headed.

Mirroring the networking that is the essence of our world, Ars Electronica has itself assumed the character of a network. Ars Electronica maintains contacts to thousands of artists, scientists, technologists, curators and activists all over the globe. The nodes of this network are: the ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL, a set of yearly encounters on the leading edge; the PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA, the trend barometer of contemporary media art; the ARS ELECTRONICA FUTURELAB, a prototype lab-atelier constantly releasing bursts of innovation; and the ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER, where the emphasis is on juxtaposing art and science in both the selection of content and how it’s presented. This specific orientation and the long-term continuity this institution has displayed make Ars Electronica an internationally unique platform for digital art and media culture.


Ars Electronica's Approach to StudioLab:

Ars Electronica will adopt an eco-geographic approach to a series of art-science,collaborations, a mixture of residency style incubations, combined with local outreach to develop and maintain an education program aimed at creatively catalysing notions derived from the Studiolab topics such as Future of Social Interactions and Synthetic Biology. Ars Electronica is uniquely placed within the studiolab consortium by virtue of a number of laboratories such as the Robolab, Fablab and a certified Biolob, such spaces provide creative potential for incubating. for which Ars Electronica is uniquely positioned within the consortium with a certified Biolab inside the Center. To communicate with the global audience and to present the processes and outcomes of Studiolab a selection of artworks, speakers, and education programs will be presented during the Ars Electronica Festivals. As a non-university research and development institution, the Ars Electronica Futurelab considers its every day practice of connecting a variety of disciplines as fundamental, important innovation battery. For years, interaction designers, media artists, software and hardware developers as well as social scientists and cultural theorists have been working together in flexibly arranged teams. Based upon the concept of “shared creativity”, an ideal breeding ground evolves for the research, development and evaluation of technological innovations.


Photo: Winfried Ritsch - Große Konzertnacht (2011). Credit: rubra