About StudioLab Project

Studiolab is a 3-year Europe-wide initiative that merges the studio with the research lab. Funded by the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme in 2011, Studiolab is a European network that provides a platform for creative projects that bridge divides between science, art and design.

Through a synergistic network, Studiolab is inspiring new approaches to environmental, technological and social challenges and providing a template for innovative art science collaborations. Studiolab involves interaction between 13 leading centres of scientific research, artistic excellence and experimental design accross 12 European countries.

These partners are collaborating and working with world leading scientists, artists, and designers to pilot projects using integrated strands of incubation, education and public engagement. Incubation actions develop and strengthen ideas, bringing them from concepts to outcomes. Educational modules tackle interdisciplinary learning and an art-science approach within second and third level formal education systems. Public engagement activities catalyse open collaboration and give insight into the scientific process through exhibitions, events and workshops.

StudioLab projects focus on three main themes at the frontiers of science; the Future of Water, Synthetic Biology, and the Future of Social Interaction. Across these three themes and three strands, Studiolab partners are developing products and activities with educational, social, cultural, or commercial value as well as a unique programme of activities which promote science and creativity among Europe's citizens.

Inspired by the merging of the artist's studio with the research lab to create a hybrid creative space, StudioLab proposes the creation of a European platform for creative interactions between art and science.

StudioLab brings together major players in scientific research with centres of excellence in the arts and experimental design and leverages the existence of a new network of "hybrid" spaces to pilot a series of projects at the interface between art and science.

Developed by a group of practitioners breaking new ground, in this space, across Europe, these projects will integrate processes of incubation, education and public engagement (the three key StudioLab strands) to develop actual products and activities with an educational, social, cultural, or commercial value.

Further interated by three over-arching themes -Future of Water, Synthetic Biology, and the Future of Social Interaction- the projects will provide a template of innovative art science collaborations as well as a unique programme of activities which promote 21st century learning skills and creativitiy among Europe's citizens.